Report and speak to an advisor

Report sexual assault or misconduct to The University of Queensland. By submitting a report you are not initiating a formal reporting process and you will have the option to remain anonymous. We will only use the information you have provided to put you in contact with a member of our Sexual Misconduct Support Unit who will let you know your options.

If you do not want to make a report online, you can confidentially discuss your options with a member of the First Responder Network or a member of the Sexual Misconduct Support Unit. You can access more information on various supports available for UQ students on the UQ Respect webpage.

If possible, please include dates, times, places, what took place and any other information about the incident(s).

We will only use the information you have supplied to us to put you in contact with a member of our Sexual Misconduct and Support Unit who can discuss with you how you would like to proceed with this report and can help you access support services.

If you would like to be advised on the outcome of this report, please provide us with a generic email address or phone number where we can contact you. We may also contact you if we require further information.
If you choose to remain anonymous and do not provide us with contact details, please realise that the University’s ability to equitably investigate the incident may be proportionately diminished.

Privacy Statement

The University of Queensland needs to monitor interactions regarding incidents of sexual assault and misconduct. This information will be used to help improve our policies and support services. This information can be kept anonymous and no further action needs to be taken. The choice is with the survivor on how they intend to proceed with the support services available.